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Add-On Package


Details & Pricing

Package Add-On $400

• Add package price to same size Utility Shed

6×6 pressure treated perimeter base.
Pressure treated kick boards approximately 4′ high.
9′ wide opening standard.
Buildings will be set directly on ground with no blocking. Ground must be suitable for application prior to delivery.

Adds $18.52 to 36 month rent-to-own payments
Adds $16.67 to 48 month rent-to-own payments

Security Deposit

$200 on 8′ & 10′ wide buildings
$400 on 12′ wide buildings

Please note

All prices are subject to change without notice. Please visit one of our dealers for pricing in your area.
All 12′ wide and over buildings are measured across the eaves due to DOT regulations (all others are measured from outside corners).
Credit card price is 3% more.